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The Advanced Guide to Blister Prevention about the Author

About the author

I’ve seen a lot of foot blisters – it’s my job as a Podiatrist. But for me it’s personal because I’ve suffered with blisters for years. For a long time, I couldn’t fix my own foot problem, in spite of my occupation. And that was embarrassing on a personal and a professional level!

So I’ve investigated the topic extensively. This search for answers took me to some unexpected areas of science and medicine:

  • podiatry and sports science publications
  • diabetic foot disease and prosthetic limb skin management
  • the field of tribology (the study of friction and wear)
  • military research

And what I’ve found is this: The mainstream understanding of what causes foot blisters is over-simplified to the point of being incorrect!

Blisters are not caused by rubbing on top of the skin. They’re caused by rubbing underneath the skin surface (between skin layers).

This single piece of misinformation has resulted in many of the management practices in place today continuing to fail at preventing blisters.

Rebecca Rushton podiatrist

Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)

blister book

With 20+ years of experience as a Podiatrist, my own blister experience, exhaustive research and having helped countless athletes get on top of their blister issues, The Advanced Guide to Blister Prevention is the resource that athletes and sports medicine professionals turn to for answers. Every blister prevention strategy is analysed for its mechanism of action and its pros & cons. The supporting research is highlighted and fresh insights provided to help you get the most out of each strategy.

I don’t get blisters anymore. But I do get blisters! And I know what it takes to stop them. If you need help to walk, run and play blister-free, please contact me personally using the links at the bottom of this page.

Rebecca graduated from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia in 1993. She works in private practice at Esperance Podiatry, Esperance Western Australia. Her blister prevention work has been featured by the likes of Kinetic Revolution, R4YL magazine and Oxfam Trailwalker.

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